Create A Collage for Facebook

Create A Collage For Facebook - A few weeks ago an IH coworker published about an online collage site in the #czelt facebook group.


Create A Collage For Facebook

She discussed using it in a first lesson to make a class picture. That got me thinking of how simple and for exactly what function online collage makers could be utilized. A fast google shows a large range of collage makers both paid and totally free to use.

Nevertheless I stuck to the recommended one, which was pictures2life. You have to make a complimentary account to obtain the most out of it. Having actually done so you just upload pictures and then choose a collage type. It's as simple as that though you if you have more time then you can fine tune things. While there is no embed feature, you can download your finished collage.

So how to utilize it? Here are three methods.

Well apart from just showing photos, the speed where you can make collages makes it a fantastic resource for customised speaking jobs. For instance the collective task of an Cambridge Examination as in the collage listed below. (In this case the task was for instructors, choosing what element of language learning is revealed).

It can also be utilized to augment activities like discover the odd one out. For example, the trainees can utilize their phone to take photos of their weekend and add one that isn't true. They then share it with their associates who try and guess. In this case one of the photos is not from my current trip to South Africa.


Thirdly it can be used to help storytelling. The trainees can make a collage of images to choose a story. Alternatively as the collage maker randomises the order of the pictures then the collage can be the timely for the story (a little bit like the concept of the 5 card flickr site.). As Anette mentions, the added delight is that the students can generate the collages themselves thus developing tasks for each other.

I envision can be utilized with any task requiring several pictures so ideally my three concepts have actually begun you en route to more Create A Collage For Facebook.