Facebook Desktop Link

Facebook Desktop Link | Just recently with the discontinuation of BOLT Web browser, Mobile device users are having a hard time a bit to obtain Complete PC/ Desktop Views Of Some Websites Especially To Open Desktop Version of Facebook On Mobile (Facebook PC site/view on mobile).

Desktop Variation Of Facebook has Many Extra Functions such as App Notifications, Occasion Notifications, Easy Group Administration etc.


Facebook Desktop Link

So Here's a Small technique to Open Desktop/PC View Of Facebook On your Mobile through Opera Mini. Opera Mini is one of the Many commonly used Mobile Browser and it can be downloaded from mini.opera.com.

This Trick Works On All Opera Mini Versions 4.2,4.3,4.4,5.0,5.2,6.1,6.2 and 6.5,7 and Opera Mini Next too.

So Follow the Treatment offered below.

1. Log in To Your Facebook Account, be it Mobile Variation On Your Opera Mini. then.,.

2. Browse/ Open Your Profile/Timeline Page Found Besides the House tab. it will look somewhat like this--.


3. Now Navigate to The Bottom Of The Page and Click Log Out Choice--.

4. Now a Normal Facebook Log In Page Looks like revealed below.


5. Note This Action This is Extremely Important!!!

Now Just merely Return by clicking on back button/ Or By Pushing Right Hand Soft Key Of Your Mobile To Open The Cached Copy Of Your Profile Page. And again click the log out link [crucial]!!!

6. Now A Facebook Login Page With mistake message You Should Login First Appears. [revealed listed below]


7. Now Enter Your Log In Information On this "you need to login very first" page and click on log in.

8. Wow!!! Facbook Complete PC Website/ Desktop Site gets Open on Your Opera Mini/ Mobile. Just Inspect Out Below--.


9. To View Your Profile Simply Utilize Your Profile Link At Right Hand Side Leading Corner Of The Facebook Web Page.

What is Facebook Desktop for Android:

Small Little app which lets you browse your favorite social networking site facebook on android the method you browse on your desktop. Yes, Its possible. Let you do whatever which you do on facebook while on desktop. This application is web internet browser enhanced app of facebook site for the users who want to do more than a mobile app. Not Affilated with Facebook.

The very best thing is that its that bit that you will not desire to transfer this app to SD card.

Download Facebook Desktop for Android

This App features:.

1. Friends Live Timeline view.

2. Update status, upload photos, and so on

3. Play Games.

4. Open and Edit Pages and Groups.

5. Edit Account and Personal Privacy Settings.

6. Simply put, everything you do on facebook while utilizing a PC or Mac.

If that's all we can tell about Facebook Desktop Link I hope this article was helpful thank you.