Fb Com Login Facebook

Fb Com Login Facebook - Facebook is the worlds widely used social networking website. Facebook was begun by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4th, 2004. In other words facebook is also called as fb. You can go to facebook either by opening www.facebook.com or www.fb.com.


Fb Com Login Facebook

Facebook Register and Login
Just follow steps reveals the procedure of facebook register and indication:

  • Open the facebook.com or fb.com website in your browser.

  • Complete your information like very first name, last name, mobile number, birth date and password.

  • Click the develop an account button.

  • You will get a confirmation email from facebook. Simply verify your email id and login facebook. Now you will be required to facebook web page.

Facebook Highlights.
The following are couple of highlights of facebook site:.

  • Facebook wased established on Fourth February 2004.

  • Facebook was opened to everyone to sign up on 26th September 2006.

  • Facebook has around 100K service pages by the end of 2007.

  • According to alexa facebook got more variety of visitors than google in March 2010.

  • Facebook is the worlds second most accessed website.

Facebook Characteristics:.

As a social networking website, facebook supplies the following functions to its members:.

  • You can add friends online and share your images, status messages etc with them.

  • You can likewise chat with your pals online. The chat feature has choices to turn off the chat entirely or be visible to just the good friends you wish to hang with.

  • You can create personal or public group and add your friends in that group. Groups are a method to begin conversations.

  • You can create a facebook page and share status about your products or some amusing image with the one who is following your page. Facebook pages are a great method to increase business.

  • Facebook has built-in applications like video games and so on. These applications are developed by 3rd celebrations. You can add these applications and can start playing games.

Facebook Tricks:.

Facebook has some cool techniques, You can use these tricks when posting status messages or commenting.

  •  (y) - Displays Thumbs-up icon.

  • : poop: - Shows a poop icon.

  •  (^ ^ ^) - White shark icon.

  • : |] - Robotic icon.

  • <('') - Penguin icon

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