How Do I Make My Friends Private On Facebook

On sites like Facebook you have your apparent must-do personal privacy setups, How Do I Make My Friends Private On Facebook like your post presence settings, which naturally must be set to buddies just. Our complete run-down on locking down that Facebook account can be checked out here.

And then there's the not-so-obvious settings that might not strike you as something that truly needs to be done, particularly when the default setting enforced by Facebook is definitely incorrect. The privacy settings for your Facebook friends list is one of those settings.

How Do I Make My Friends Private On Facebook?

It is necessary to restrict the exposure of your good friends on Facebook to protect them, because fraudsters can clone your account and usage that account to trick your good friends.

You see, if a scammer clones your account (by creating another account with your name and profile photo-- two pieces of details you can't hide from people) then they can begin sending good friend demands to all your friends in an attempt to deceive them into accepting, believing it's you. Nevertheless, if the scammer cannot see your buddies list, the inspiration to clone your account is gone.

If your good friends list is public, and a fraudster clones your account and sends demands, and a buddy request is accepted, the scammer can try to initialise any number of different frauds on your friend, which could effectively be successful. It's called Facebook cloning and you can find out more about it here.

How do I make my Facebook pals list private?

1. Click Account > Privacy Settings.

2. Click View settings link under Basic Directory site Details.

3. Select Customize under the section "See my good friend list".

4. From the pull-down menu under "Make this noticeable to" area Just me.

5. Click Save Setting.

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