How to View Videos On Facebook App

Individuals are enjoying and sharing more video on Facebook than ever, and we're focused on continually enhancing the video experience. How To View Videos On Facebook App Today, we're thrilled to share numerous updates that make seeing video on Facebook richer, more engaging and more flexible.


How To View Videos On Facebook App


Bringing Noise to Videos in News Feed

Videos in News Feed have previously played calmly-- you tap on a video to hear noise. As individuals watch more video on phones, they have actually come to expect sound when the volume on their device is turned on. After testing noise on in News Feed and hearing favorable feedback, we're slowly bringing it to more individuals. With this update, sound fades in and out as you scroll through videos in News Feed, bringing those videos to life.

If your phone is set to quiet, videos will not play with noise. If you never desire videos to have fun with sound, you can disable this feature by changing off "Videos in News Feed Start With Sound" in Settings. We'll likewise be revealing in-product messages to inform people about the new noise on experience and controls.

Vertical Video

We've also made modifications to make vertical videos look better on mobile devices. In 2015 we began evaluating a bigger preview of vertical videos in News Feed on mobile. Individuals reacted favorably, so that bigger format is now offered to everyone enjoying videos on iOS and Android.

Enjoy and Scroll

We understand that in some cases you wish to see a video as well as want to keep scrolling through your News Feed. It's now possible to lessen the video you're watching to a picture-in-picture view that keeps playing in the corner of your screen while you browse other stories in News Feed. You can drag the video to any corner of the screen, and if you're utilizing an Android device, you can keep the video playing even when you leave the Facebook app to do something else on your phone.

Facebook Video App for TELEVISION

Lastly, we've heard that individuals want more choices for how and where they view Facebook videos. Today we're announcing a new Facebook video app for TV, which will roll out quickly to app shops for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, with more platforms to come.

Our video app for TELEVISION is a brand-new method to enjoy Facebook videos on a larger screen. Last year we presented the ability for you to stream videos from Facebook to your TV, and today's announcement broadens this ability. With the app, you can enjoy videos shared by good friends or Pages you follow, leading live videos from worldwide, and suggested videos based upon your interests.

You can also catch up on videos you have actually saved to see later, as well as revisit videos you have actually watched, shared or submitted. How To View Videos On Facebook App, We eagerly anticipate seeing how individuals use the app to take pleasure in Facebook videos in a brand-new method.