Permantly Delete Facebook

Last time we mentioned that Facebook was trying an easier technique to allow you to Permantly Delete Facebook from the face of the Earth, however we have actually also found a surprise method of doing it which is readily available to all users. Just follow the provided steps and you will clean the smirk of his( Mark Zuckerberg's) face.


Permantly Delete Facebook

Prior to you delete your account permanently make sure that's what you wish to do, since once you delete it you will not have the ability to retrieve it.

Okay, let's begin:
Go to and login to Facebook.

Click SUBMIT only if you make certain you want to erase the account.
When you click Submit, you'll be taken to a page, where upon clicking OKAY your account will be permanently deleted permanently.

You'll be given an opportunity to reactivate it by logging into your account within next 2 Week after deleting the account. As soon as you login you'll be given the option to cancel your request. You can reconsider about your choice. Thus the article Permantly Delete Facebook from us, hopefully useful thank you.