Friend Search Facebook

With over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is the logical location to start looking for someone. Friend Search Facebook, Thanks to reverse email lookup feature, our preferred social network can help us to find a person's identity and location.


Friend Search Facebook


For those who have no idea about the reverse email lookup-- I'll wager there will be couple of- It's an email-based search performance that lets users to search for other Facebook user based on their e-mail address.

Using this function is dead simple. Just paste the email address of the a complete stranger or unknown e-mail sender into the Facebook search box and an auto-suggest drop down will let you understand if a matching profile exists in the social media.



A major benefit of this feature is that it offers an approach for validating unknown e-mail addresses and assist you to discover a person in seconds.


A major oversight of this feature is that spammers can quickly map harvested email accounts to user profiles, and use the openly readily available details to craft really convincing individualized e-mails (for phishing). Friend Search Facebook So, if you are on Facebook, avoid sharing your e-mail address with complete strangers on online forums and chat spaces.