How to Delete Group In Facebook

This tutorial How To Delete Group In Facebook is for those, who wish to delete unwanted or unused groups produced by them on Facebook.The process is pretty simple, please follow the actions below to delete the group from your account.


How To Delete Group In Facebook

Action 1: Login to Facebook and go to the group which you may desire to delete


Action 2: In the best side, locate the "Members location" and click that. It will list all your group members.

Action 3: Select each member and click on the equipment icon.

Action 4: Pick "erase member" and begin getting rid of each group member.

Action 5: Once you're done, simply remove yourself as well from the group member list.

Action 6: Congrats, your facebook group will get erased now.

Keep in mind: When you remove yourself, you will get this confirmation message:.


This is the error message you get when you're leaving the group or you're the last to leave-- select Leave Group.

The group must now disappear.

I hope you enjoyed reading the easy tutorial to How To Delete Group In Facebook. If there's anything else you have to know or have any question please don't hesitate to ask in comments. We 'd be more than pleased to answer!